Hamilton Land Services, Inc. is dedicated to the construction and maintenance of Atlanta's finest gardens.


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Garden Development and Installation

We create and install fine gardens. using our garden development team of well trained landscape architects, stonemasons, carpenters, garden technicians and various other craftsmen.  As a builder constructs a home, we manage and construct your landscape using our in-house crews as well as subcontracted artisans.  Our approach is simply to provide exceptional service and quality.

Containers, Perennials, Seasonal Plantings

Estate Management and Garden Maintenance

Our fine gardening program is bourn of clients' request for more personalized and comprehensive management of their gardens.  The program employs a specialized approach to maintaining the beauty of your outdoor environment at present and as the garden matures.  Our program includes mapping and cataloguing all landscape elements and developing a systematic program that will help the garden mature in accordance with the design intent.  Your personalized program will be serviced by the same full time staff which includes a degreed horticulturist and/or a seasoned professional.

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Periodic Maintenance - Horticultural Services

Many of our clients have long standing relationships with their "yard guy" but need periodic specialized guidance.  We are happy to step in with a monthly, quarterly, or annual visit.

Hardscapes - Patios, Fireplaces, Outdoor Kitchens, Garden Elements.